Together, we grow.

We meet on a monthly basis to plan collaborative projects that enhance our neighborhood, while supporting the work we do as individuals.


Growing Elm Street enlists residents, business owners, employees, faith-based and non-profit organizations to make the north side of Youngstown a vibrant and welcoming place. Located between Youngstown State University and historic Wick Park, the Elm Street corridor has two flower shops, two art studios, a self-care store featuring handcrafted items, a music hall, a coffee shop, a diner, a cafe, a co-op market, a farmers market, and a kitchen incubator. Our group focuses on neighborhood improvement through the following approaches:

  • collective input,
  • economic development,
  • events (both individual and shared),
  • public art displays and murals
  • and safety (with the installation of crosswalks and a neighborhood walk assessment).


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